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Innovative business award

ApiBeaute’ is brandname of skin care line under control brandholder ApiHealth NZ Ltd. ApiHealth NZ Ltd is a scientific technology company which was founded in January 1998 and at the end of that year became a Winner of Bank of New Zealand Waitakere Eco City Business Awards in two categories: "Best New Business" and "Innovative Business".


ApiHealth is a progressive company with firm position on global export market through the production of original products. It is a leading developer of quality products with natural bee venom which is proved patents of company. 


At present ApiHealth NZ Ltd is a main commercial supplier of high quality bee venom in New Zealand. ApiHealth bee venom collected in green, clean and nuclear free country has a unique beneficial effect and can be used not only in medicines, but also in a range of health products such as food products.

Innovative business award

Today ApiHealth employs highly qualified staff and co-operates widely with the international scientists which allows to progress in manufacturing techniques and develop innovative technological approaches in making unique health bee products.

apibeaute patent
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